About The Revolution

What is the problem?

Kenya experiences two long dry seasons each year. Although enough rain falls over the course of the year to grow crops, that rainfall is concentrated in two short rainy seasons.  Soils have been depleted of organic matter (organic matter absorbs large amounts of water, like a sponge, and releases it slowly over a long period of time) by deforestation and by inappropriate agricultural practices.  Much of the rain that does fall runs off the landscape before it can be absorbed into the soil.  As a result, crops often fail when they have exhausted the supply of water in the soil, before they can produce food. This creates dependence on foreign aid. It also makes it very difficult for farmers to move beyond simple subsistence, as many years it becomes necessary to use farm income to buy food.

What is the solution?

It is possible to increase the ability of the soil to collect and store water using simple water-harvesting techniques.  These methods have been developed by various peoples throughout the world and compiled by permaculturists.  They rely on good design practices and simple hand tools. The methods are easily taught and easily adapted to local conditions. They are applicable on a variety of scales, from a simple kitchen garden to a large commercial farm.  For more detailed information about some of the techniques we use, click here.

Who are we?

The Oasis Revolution was sparked in 2010 by Christopher Diamond and Trevor Hults, two friends who want to make a world we can be proud to leave to our children.

The Revolution aims to end the direct causes of rural poverty, e.g. lack of access to essential resources.  We seek to empower the poor, struggling, and disenfranchised by providing the skills needed to identify and use resources that are already available.

For more information contact Trevor at trevor@oasisrevolution.org or Chris at chris@oasisrevolution.org


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